Passed the torch

A well built boat should be like a high distance relay race… a good long run for each person and a careful handoff in between.

This time it was love at first sight.

Wendy bought her boat then immediately had to say “see you in a couple days”

Wendy’s flight to SFO had a significant mechanical delay, so in order to complete the sale before we leave for Mexico in the morning, I sailed Maggie to SF pier 1.5 (the city’s only true private boats public landing), met Wendy, and together we sailed her back to Sausalito for the shakedown/sea trial/training handoff cruise. It’s been a while seeing someone fall in love with a new-to-them boat like that, and WOW is that a special moment to be in. Maggie has been a tough topic for my siblings as we watched Dad grow increasingly unable to sail and maintain his boat. I kick myself for having let Maggie become a burden and worry. Today’s beam reach solo romp across the bay at hull speed was a great reminder we’re always fortunate to have sailing at our fingertips. Maggie wasn’t a burden, she just needed a little help getting her baton passed. Job done, and we made a great new friend today. I think that wasn’t my last sail aboard the Carters’ ol’Cat30 :)

Do we have any women readers who might be interested in joining Wendy for a Basic Keelboat women’s-only course on SF Bay this spring? She’s interested in small group training like the one Jeanne and Leslie enjoyed a few years back. Let me know if you want to reach her.

PS Wendy, the white bubbles wake show you were driving pretty straight when we were hamming for the camera :)

3 thoughts on “Passed the torch

  1. Wendy, You might try Modern Sailing School in Sausalito. I recall that someone there put together a women’s group last year.


  2. Glad the pictures weren’t when I first took charge! Hehehe! LOVE this write up and am love love loving Maggie! Thanks, Don, for the info! I’ll check ’em out.


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