Back to the boatyard

We hit the road Feb 1 towards Mexico, for five more weeks of boat upgrades work in Puerto Penasco, Sonora at the Cabrales yard. In this video we’ll finally get those saloon opening port lights installed, and it’s really nice inside now with all the fresh air coming through. I’m pretty sure the new crew will approve, and we KNOW Momma is happy because these come with bug screens! Enjoy the show…

2 thoughts on “Back to the boatyard

  1. Great Videos….
    Was listening for some verbage on how the people at the boatyard in port o pinasco treated you… tool and material theft and, general attitude towards you. I’m considering F-27 work…it’s a little soggy here. (bye the way…. checkvalve type squezebulb inline to your new motor might solve marathon cranking efi starts) (just sayin).
    Bill (mcgyver) in Oregon.


    • Hi Bill. Salvador Cabrales II and III (father / son team own and run the place) are great. There was a little crime spree early this year, traced to disgruntled former employee. Cabrales took it seriously and beefed up security. I think it’s fine if one is sensible and puts stuff away at night. Hmmm on fuel bulb. I get perfectly fine flow at the motor end of the fuel line. Which makes me think the issue is air locking inside the motor once it’s been run dry. But tell me more as to why the check valve in the gas line should help this. It’s always fine except the couple times I’ve run out of gas.


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