The last week in Mexico

Hi folks. Here’s the video from the fifth & final week of the upgrades winter work on Ravenswing. I was messing about in the sunshine while Jeanne held down the fort in very rainy San Francisco Bay Area. I came home in early March to find some of our fill dirt under the new workshop had sloughed downhill with the rains, so there’s been some shoring up work here in April and early May. We were also busy refurbishing the Lido 14 sailboat I wrote about last summer (last of the “5 little boats” project). It’s returning to its roots, meaning a new owner in Long Beach, not too far from where it was built. There are MANY Lido 14s actively sailing the bays of Southern Cal, and this gentlemen has been looking for a clean Lido to introduce his grandkids into sailing. Sewell Mountain Sailing Bob will love this happy ending. (check out Bob’s work at I’ll tow the Lido down south this Sunday, on the way back to Ravenswing.

I left you guys hanging some months back on that Tohatsu 9.8hp outboard motor. It’s finally back in one piece, and tomorrow morning we’ll hook up the gas line, put a water bucket under the water pump pickup, and try starting up after this long-delayed rebuild. Stay tuned for a video on that process.

Meanwhile, back to Mexico:

5 thoughts on “The last week in Mexico

  1. Use X138 or X98 Awlgrip accelerator Greg. Works really well – to the point that if you add too many drops the paint will gel in the roller tray!


  2. Hi Greg. Didn’t see an email for you so I’ll ask here. How has the G-10 hounds attachment for the stays held up? Was it necessary to sleeve the hole in the “beak” with a stainless bushing? I’m thinking of using G-10 for the same purpose on my carbon mast. Did you use 3/4” G-10 for the portion that protrudes through the mast wall? Thanks. Alan


    • Alan, I don’t recall, did I answer this already for you? If not, the answer is yes, you need to sleeve the ‘beak’, and it also gets numerous layers of engineer-planned carbon reinforcements over the top. If you need more info, contact me via email at cartersboat at gmail dot com. Also, yes, the G10 holds up perfectly. I was on two other boats recently with this same mast construction, and each about a dozen years old.


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