Homework – getting ready to return to Ravenswing

Well, what can we say? The COVID years here are pretty screwed up, and have basically made a joke of any plans we have for scheduled cruising on the boat. It’s really hot in the northern Sea of Cortez right now, so we’re not rushing back to Ravenswing just yet. But I’m finally working on the punch list of stuff here at home that will complete the re-outfitting of the boat in Mexico soon. Ruby the Labrador puppy has completely usurped any blogging and video making time in her first four month with us. What a handful, but we love her a lot and we’re figuring out life together. She is an excellent swimmer and budding boat dog!

Wow it’s been a long time since I’ve posted here, and I miss doing this. So hopefully we’ll pick the pace back up. First up is FINALLY fixing the dinghy motor. Phew.

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