Riding in a Travelift

You guys know those huge blue and white machines that move boats in / out of the water, and around the yard? Well when it’s time to launch a boat, it makes a pretty fun ride to the water. In this video you’ll see us rolling around in a 46′ Kurt Hughes-designed, owner-built catamaran.

And if you’ve been following my rambles here for a long time, it’s been too long building this boat. So check out the sentiments as you get to end of this video. Turning over a new leaf as boat owners. And it feels good.

Ravenswing’s 2021 plans fell off the rails again, but this time for a good reason. Her name is Ruby, the chocolate lab. I was pretty much an idiot, underestimating the work and distraction of living with a high energy puppy. Had figured she be a trained “boat dog” by summer and we’d be cruising around the Sea of Cortez. Go ahead, laugh at the folly; others have. Here at home Ruby is proving an excellent swimmer, and we’re figuring out how to paddle board together. Tomorrow she gets her first kayak ride as we try to join Anton’s boat-in weekend campout on a beach in Tomales Bay. Wish us dryness. As in, she doesn’t manage to flip the boat under me :)

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