Forward Starboard beam is underway

005’s plans were delivered from Farrier Marine 16 years ago; she’s got 3 nice hulls sitting next to each other, but not connected. 2012 is finally the time for the beams!  Spent New Year’s Day building the form out of 3/4″ particle board. In the interest of saving the lower back, we’ve lifted the whole works up about a foot on four heavy blocks – that’s been great so far during lamination.

“Forward Starboard” gets started. Grey foam is 5lb/cubic ft density, yellow is the no-compress 12lb. Diagonal brace tangs will be cut in to floor of beam in yellow section. Beam bolts go thru solid resin seen on the end-plate.

Core layers of DBM1708 tape laminated.

Each lamination step on the beams seems to take about an hour, so weekend days get second (and third) concurrent projects. Starting on the main hatch cover here. Secured the foam to the original hull cutout to get the right arched shaped.

Backing plate inside the instrument pod. planning on tacktick wireless, but Dad thinks I should install a wiring channel just in case. Not a bad idea.


ForwardStarboard released from the mold after bulkheads were installed. Didn’t use enough non-stick tape inside the mold; two spots of resin from seams got the particle board, causing a dumb half hour of careful prying and banging to get the release. All minor dings repaired. Yellow foam horizontal line is the zone for backing plate inside, to handle the trampoline lashing eyes.


1 thought on “Forward Starboard beam is underway

  1. Hi, Greg! I just reviewed everything in here, and it seems that you have made a lot more progress than I thought possible! Today is Thursday, May 3; Valda is doing very well, so I could help with a “goop session” this weekend, if that wold be helpful. I’ll also Email you about this, to be sure you see it. Love, Dad


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