Main hull bracket plates for beam braces

The slices on the hull sides shown in the last post allowed the starboard forward bracket plates to be installed. These are now the anchors for diagonal braces that will attach to the bottom of the beam(s). Here they are bonded and bolted in place, but a lot of finish work to do around the edges. This pair of plates is being installed after the floor went in and the forward cabin closet built. Not ideal, as I had to cut in to prior work and will go back for touch-ups. Some of the compromises when you’re buying stock based on budget, availability and time!

Exact location of these plates is acheived thru a clever jig that bolts in place at the primary beam bolt holes, and holds the brackets for position marking before final bulkhead laminations, and then again while you do the actual bonding and bolting application. Note we’re using little aluminum tubes the same size as the real bolts to work around the brackets being so close to the boat’s cradle.

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