They fit!

at least the starboard beams do anyway… tonight was drilling the holes in the ends of the beams to accept the big 1″ diameter main bolts. Plans call for bonding the bolts in place right away, but I needed to do a dry-run fit because it was worrisome about how these holes would line up exactly. It was hard in my mind because the beams are not at their final exterior dimensions yet, so you can’t just plop them in location and trace the hole. It’s careful transcription of the plans on to templates then the stock, etc. Here’s the first beam being tested in place.

The rear one fit too. They’re back down on the ground now to have the bolts permanently bonded in, and the slices on the bottoms cut for the diagonal brace upper-end tangs. After the starboards are all fitted, measured and bonded in position, we’ll take it all down and rearrange the shop to move the boat over to fit the port beams (hopefully still in June).

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