Engine mounting bracket underway

The wood mockup for sizing and positioning the engine has been measured and translated to structural parts. Everything is very light, except the solid hardwood actual “transom” piece cut from an old butcher block table. Sturdy and zero dollars – nice.

Here you can see the basic shape; the bracket makes an inset box shape to keep the motor as far forward as possible under the beam.

Getting the hinges on top securely attached seems a pretty big deal – do this wrong and the motor could fall in to the sea. So we’re doing lots of reinforcements underneath the foam triangle shaped cap.


This whole box shape is the structural part holding the motor. After it’s trial mounted later this week, we’ll add a wave-piercer / motor leg protector based on ideas from Keith Burrage’s lovely Skateaway tri back east. We all need to get a ride on that ship – the photos look fantastic!

The windshield frames are finally done and will get measured for the window inserts tomorrow. And the lazarette opening with a drip rail system went in today. More photos coming as those misc projects get finished. I was working on that main cabin skylight hatch base this afternoon when the Robin Williams news came over the radio. Seems like just a bit ago that Drew and I waved hello to him over burritos in Sausalito – so sad his torments ended a talented life at 63. Perhaps more sailing could have been a therapy :(


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