Fits just fine

Thanks again for good counsel from Keith Burrage, Richard Woods and Mike Leneman on ‘going light’ with the engine. This is, after all, supposed to be a high performance sailboat. Today we received the 107lb Suzuki 20hp four stroke with fuel injection (no carb, Dad, so no repeats of fighting the old Evinrude on Lake Pinecrest!). Finally there’s a small EFI motor. And at $2,350 after rebate, with delivery and all the accessories included, this complete package is actually less than just the folding Gori prop needed for an inboard diesel. Wow, better sails ahead.


After many days of angst about this motor placement fit, it turned out great. The boys provided the muscle and we liked both the in-water position (waterline at the upper splash plate, prop nice and deep), and it stores up even higher than i wanted.


Now we can get started on the real bracket. Stay tuned.

While awaiting the motor it was time to pop a skylight in the living room.


This hatch fits under the boom, away enough from the mast rotator arms, and is oriented to draw the breeze in to the main cabin while underway or anchored in to the wind. Also good for sighting the main pretty much over the sea berth. Seems a nice extra bit.

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