That wasn’t fun

They say you should only build a boat if you really enjoy the work. And for the most part this has been fun. But there are “those days”… Fairing the bottom has been about 20 hours of squirming around the cold cement floor and holding tools overhead the whole time. Yuck.

After two putty & sanding passes, we hit the surface with spray paint, then used the 24” longboard sanding block to find low spots.

Here it is the next day, with the black spots (low spots) filled with a white show-thru putty.

Another complete sanding at 120grit revealed everything fair enough to call it done. Tonight was one more putty application pass to fill in all the little trowel dings and gaps. Those are the darker, wet splotches in these photos.


Tomorrow these will get a light sanding and the whole bottom will get declared Ready For Paint!

Since we’ve been back in fairing mode this week, miscellaneous pieces are also getting handled on the table. Here are a companionway slider, some cabinet panels and the motor mount box.

And it looks like we told a little white lie last time; the deck area isn’t quite done as we found a few more bits that need some fairing cleanup. Putty in hand… When in Rome!

ps – congrats to captain Drew for driving F27 Papillon last Sunday to a high finish. Second in the tris only behind a fast F31, dead heat tie with the Gunboat 62, and ahead of the dueling F25carbons. Great day.