Upwind delivery along the California coast

Hey there good people. Thank you for keeping up your subscription to this website. As you probably figured out quite a while ago, I’ve burned up all my reporting time making the YouTube videos that get linked in here, without energy left for typing frequent updates. I have some work to do in researching how to merge the photos, writing and videos to be managed in one place. Handling multiple “posting places” is too much for someone just trying to tell some stories, and not make a living as a videographer. If any of you have thoughts on this, please send them over!

I spent late Feb and most of March handling a large trimaran on the final leg of her long distance relocation from Chicago to San Francisco, via the Panama Canal. I met the boat, a Chris White Designs Explorer 44, Caliente, in Barra deNavidad, Mexico. We motorsailed her across the Gulf of California to Baja, and up the Baja Pacific coast to San Diego. Sadly I damaged the video camera’s memory card for the Baja trip, so we’ll skip ahead here to the San Diego to San Francisco trip.

Caliente has been through numerous upgrades since arriving at her new home, and is now sailing out of Oakland in a very active racing schedule. If you want to serve as race crew, drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with her owner :)