Goodbye Golden Gate (transit, that is)


That my friends is the 72 pulling up the last time for the 65 mile ride SF to Santa Rosa. All those commuting hours sure cut in to the boat work time :). But now it’s Monday morning, day 1 of full time building – very exciting indeed!

Met up with Cal in the Strawberry Village parking lot to exchange a wad of 100’s for the military surplus diesel furnace kit. This was supposed to be installed in a large Abrams troop transport vehicle, but supply was greater than demand. “Craigslist Cal” speculated on a pallet of 4 kits, and had enough proof that I’m convinced it is not nefariously obtained.


This is hydronic heating, meaning that the small diesel fed furnace will tap in to the main engine fuel tank to heat the same radiator fluid system as the engine. Pipes will run this hot fluid through a water heater tank (for sink and shower) and through hot air radiators with fans on them. That hot air will be ducted through large tubes just like a household furnace.


This is the Espar D10 model, intended for buses and boats up to about 49′. Since this unit was kitted out for a truck, I have to order some different exhaust parts and other marine tidbits. But overall well worth the effort as I saw these at the boat show with installed prices of about $5k. We’ll get this all done at about a third that much. And having a heater a little too big sounds just fine for the Gulf of the Farralones or a few weeks on the Irish coast, right?

Time for the shop now, back to beam fairing. And if I get mad at the boss today, I’ll have to look in the mirror – it’s a whole new ball game.