Angle of Repose

Wallace Stegner won a Pulitzer in 1972 for his Angle Of Repose novel. He was Dad’s friend, and I was thinking about that the night before installing the port side seat back in the saloon. So of course Dad got the job of making the templates for these support pieces. We picked the angle by trial with numerous wood blocks until the most comfortable ‘repose’



We also got busy sorting out the refrigerator. Decided to do two top loading doors, with no other openings or drains. This maximizes cold keeping ability. Freezer vs cooler will be a simple, moveable divider. Cold plate will mount on the vertical wall inside the box once it’s enclosed. 2″ solid foam on top, 4″ on sides and 3″ on bottom. The fridge build will take a few posts to complete over the coming weeks.